Roadmap to beat ISIS #

A Louisiana layman provides insight into God’s battle plan to defeat the enemies of the U.S.

Brian Snyder lives in Baton Rouge and works as an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University. He says, “We have a roadmap to defeat ISIS, indeed to defeat violence. In fact, we have a battle plan handed down by God himself. Before ISIS was evil incarnate, the Romans were ISIS, only with far more power. To first century Jews, the Romans would have seemed every bit as cruel as we believe ISIS to be today. The Romans worshiped strange and violent gods, they crucified, they beheaded, they conquered and they enslaved.

“And the Jews were essentially powerless against Roman dominion; they had no hope of throwing of the yoke of Roman oppression through rebellion. And then, God showed up. Jesus could have led an army. He could have recruited and out-maneuvered. But he didn’t. Or he could have rained down literal hellfire. He could have led a legion of angels. But he didn’t.”

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