Meandering toward unity

Retired Detroit Conference pastor, Rev. Ed Rowe, addresses a gathering at Central UMC in Detroit on November 14, 2016, sponsored by Michigan United. Civil rights and faith groups stood together against post-election hate incidents. ~Facebook/Jill Hardt Zundel

United Methodists were among those who gathered in Detroit on Nov. 14 to stand up for love.
On November 14, 2016 the Detroit Free Press reported: “A wide range of civil rights, community and religious leaders in metro Detroit announced today they will work to defend the rights of immigrants and minorities under the presidency of Donald Trump through a series of programs and efforts that include legal action, sanctuary houses of worship and possibly civil disobedience.

Speaking in one of Detroit’s oldest Protestant congregations, Central United Methodist Church, the groups also gathered to express solidarity with Latino students at Royal Oak Middle School who were taunted last week by chants of “Build the Wall,” which Trump often used during the campaign. Read the full Detroit Free Press account of the event here.

United Methodists were standing with those gathered in the Central UMC sanctuary, including Cheryl Bistayi. Cheryl and her husband, Joe, are now retired from parish ministry after years of service in the West Michigan Conference. They now live in Novi and happened to be at Central UMC to work at The NOAH Project. They followed a man into the sanctuary and Cheryl experienced, “a God thing.”

Read about Cheryl’s experience here.



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