Where’s that pastor?

Members of the Michigan Cabinet seranade ordinands on Sunday morning, June 4. L-r: Anita Hahn, Elbert Dulworth, Charles Boayue, John Hice, Elizabeth Hill, and Kennetha Bigham-Tsai. The Cabinet made 120 new appointments that begin July 1, 2017. ~mic photo/Hannah Hazen

The Michigan Cabinet made 120 appointments for 2017-2018. Read the lists here.

During his┬áCabinet Report to the Michigan Annual Conference shared on Sunday, June 4, Dean of the Cabinet, Rev. Elbert Dulworth, said: “As we approached our January retreat, who would have thought we would make 120 appointments for the 875 churches across Michigan?”

He also noted, “The 2012 GC declared DSs expected to be chief missional strategists for their district. Worked hard to live into that task that is not always easy.” The Dean added, “Even on the hardest day they [Michigan’s 11 superintendents] care about local churches first and foremost.”

For a full list of appointments for the Detroit Conference click here.

For a full list of appointments for the West Michigan Conference click here.



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