‘Frontiersman’ Carl Gladstone

Rev. Carl Gladstone (r) is a Deacon who lives in Detroit and is in ministry with Young People's Ministries and Detroit: Metropolitan UMC. He enjoys a moment with fellow Deacons, Revs Sarah Alexander and Paul Perez.

A deacon in Detroit Michigan shares about the shape of creative spirituality.

Discipleship Ministries Path 1 has partnered with Rev. Benjamin Yosua-Davis, host of the podcast series “Reports from the Spiritual Frontier.”

Yosua-Davis describes the focus of the series: “Reports from the Spiritual Frontier is dedicated to telling the stories of those who live and work on the religious margins of our country. It focuses on listening to the wisdom of practitioners, who share stories about the triumphs, failures, and ragged edges of life as a spiritual innovator, the emerging shape of their new ministerial experiments, and what they have learned about the shape of the future church.”

This year the podcast will focus specifically on church planters and innovative ministry leaders out in the field reaching new people.

Click here to join a conversation with Carl Gladstone: musician, podcaster, and campus minister in Detroit, Michigan as he shares what it means for creative people to “take all that is around you, boil it down, and offer it back to the world.” Carl shares about the shape of creative spirituality, the natural common ground between artists and the church, and how living in Detroit has changed his music.



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