Called to make peace

Against headlines of war, the Christian Education Week focus for 2017 is Peacemakers.

The 2017 Christian Education Week resource focuses on why we are called to be peacemakers and provides leaders in your congregation an opportunity to consider how they are or could be peacemakers.

In our world that is full of anxiety, we have information at our fingertips, yet discernment is essential. Learning about and experiencing the source of true peace in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit is more vital than ever.

This resource is designed to give people an opportunity to see the impact of peacemakers, both those who are well-known and those who are unsung heroes, and how each of us is called to be a peacemaker.

The materials are intended to help you plan your Christian Education Week/ Sunday celebration. This celebration may be combined with ministries in your church that are involved with peace. It is a great time to recognize and celebrate the unsung peacemakers in your church and community. Make this a joyous celebration of God’s love and peace in your midst and God’s call to be peacemakers in the world.



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