Liberia’s bishop coming to Michigan

Bishop Samuel Quire, episcopal leader of the Liberia Annual Conference, will be in Michigan in September to share his vision for the United Methodists of his care. ~photo Liberia United Methodist Church

Bishop Samuel Quire will be in Michigan this month to share his vision for the Liberian UMC.

Bishop Samuel Quire, leader of the Liberia Annual Conference, will visit three congregations in The Michigan Area later this month.

His itinerary includes:

·       Rochester: St. Paul’s UMC, Monday, September 25, 7:00 pm;

·       Grand Rapids: Northlawn UMC, Tuesday, September 26, 6:30-8:00 pm;

·       Midland: First UMC, Wednesday, September 27, 6:15 pm.

These gatherings are open to the general public.

The Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr. was elected to the episcopacy in December of 2016. He has served as an Administrative Assistant to two of his predecessors, Bishop John Innis and Bishop Arthur Kulah. Quire has also was the Director of the Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village near Monrovia.

The Detroit Conference has been in a covenant relationship with Liberia since 1997. The plan is for this covenant to continue with the new Michigan Conference. The meeting in Grand Rapids provides opportunity for United Methodists in West Michigan to become better acquainted with what The United Methodist Church is doing in Liberia.

The focus of Bishop Quire’s time in Michigan includes reflections on what he believes to be priority areas for the Liberian Church over the next four years. Out of these questions — Where are we as a Church? Where do we want to go as a Church? And How do we get there as a Church? — a way forward has been developed.

Bishop Quire states, “We constituted a strategic planning committee to guide the church. We have targeted missions and evangelism, institutional development, agriculture, education, rural pastors’ spouses skills training, and health as our priorities for 2017-2020.





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