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Audra Hudson (center) from Howell, Michigan was among Global Mission Fellows commissioned by the General Board of Global Ministries during a service at Grace United Methodist Church in Atlanta last year. Audra is serving the Seattle District of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference.~umns photo/Mike DuBose

Young adults 20-30 have an opportunity to grow in faith and leadership as US-2s and Mission Interns.

General Board of Global Ministries

Applications have begun coming in from all over the world as hundreds of young people seek a unique opportunity to become Global Mission Fellows. This rigorous and fulfilling process prepares young adults aged 20 to 30 to leave their home environments and serve in different contexts throughout the world, where they can grow in faith and leadership.

The application process opened August 2, 2017, and will be available online through January 21, 2018. The Global Mission Fellows program is an initiative of The United Methodist Church administered through Global Ministries. It was created to provide young adults with a Christian context in which to grow spiritually and combine their faith with justice making.

This video tells a powerful story of young adults in service. Watch for Michigan faces … Erin Frey, from Kalamazoo: Westwood UMC and “Religious Scholar” Isaac Dunn serving at NOAH Project in Detroit.

Passionate about service, Global Mission Fellows are committed to two years of immersion in a new community. Their areas of focus include: peace education, conflict resolution, environmental injustice, economic development, indigenous rights, the rights of women and children, and migration/immigration. Global Mission Fellows serve globally in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean nations.

Global Ministries is honored to train and commission extraordinary young people who have decided to become a part of this elite group of Global Mission Fellows. The online application period is currently active.

To apply for this transformative program of Global Mission Fellows, click here.



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