How to volunteer for hurricane relief

Texas, Florida and Louisiana have invited volunteers in for storm recovery. Here’s how to register.
The Rio Texas Conference, Texas Conference and Louisiana Conference have all put out a request for volunteers. Click here to learn what to do to properly register and to prepare. Being an effective volunteer is doing more than simply showing up.

Florida has now also issued an invitation for volunteers to join relief efforts. Click here for more details.

Volunteering is a life-changing experience both for those helping and the persons being helped. This story out of Georgia reflects the spirit of courage and caring that is being witnessed in communities hard-hit by September storms.

Kara Witherow, editor of the South Georgia Advocate reports …

Tricia Lewis carried sodden pillows to a growing pile of debris Friday afternoon, days after Hurricane Irma flooded her home with 18 inches of water.

Rev. Andy Lamon, campus pastor of The Chapel Effingham, and several members of the congregation helped clean a Tybee Island home that was flooded by Hurricane Irma. ~South GA Advocate photo

“It’s just stuff,” said Lewis, whose house on Lewis Street on Tybee Island was also flooded just 11 months ago during Hurricane Matthew. “We’re a lot better off than a lot of people. Every day it gets better.”

A couch, a mattress, box springs, carpet, and drywall pieces were piled up on the curb outside waiting to be hauled away. Nearly every home on Lewis Street had some level of water damage and will need repairs.

Rev. Alex Tracy, pastor of Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church on Tybee Island, has known Lewis for years and has walked up and down Lewis Street twice a day each day since Hurricane Irma passed, checking on residents and assessing their needs.

“The church doesn’t have to get out but it means a lot,” Lewis said of Tracy’s presence. “I think it’s wonderful to know that people care.”

A few streets over Rev. Andy Lamon, campus pastor of The Chapel Effingham, Jodie Lamon, and several others from the church helped clean Becky and Chandler Kinsey’s home.

Members of Trinity Chapel UMC, the Kinsey’s house hadn’t flooded in 56 years but storm surge from Hurricane Irma sent more than two inches of water into the couple’s home, soaking floors, walls, furniture, books, and other possessions.

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