Tiny homes welcome residents

The support of many churches and the labor of many volunteers, like these representing six congregations from the Traverse City area, have opened doors of home ownership for persons in Detroit. ~Facebook/Cass Community

The Detroit News reports that Cass Community tiny houses are now occupied.

On October 8, 2017 Maureen Feighan reported in The Detroit News: “Looking around her brand new 350-square-foot home in Detroit, Gladys Ferguson can’t pinpoint what she likes best about her tiny house. She likes it all. ‘The whole thing,’ said Ferguson, 63. ‘In and out. It was built from the ground and it was built for me.’”

Other residents include a student at Wayne County Community College and a minister in his late 50s with health problems who previously lost his home and job.

Rev. Faith Fowler, Director or Cass Community Social Services, said, “Each house is built in a unique style to foster pride.”

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