The next Reformation

500 years after Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation, his spirit lives on in the church today. 


The Rev. Morgan Guyton and his wife, the Rev. Cheryl Guyton, serves as co-directors of the NOLA Wesley Foundation at Tulane and Loyola universities in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Rev. Guyton begins his recent blog, “Ten Principles for the Next Reformation,” with this statement: “I believe that we are in the midst of a battle over Christian identity that is no less intense than the original Reformation. As with the original Reformation, there are many different parties to the conflict, and I think Gamaliel’s counsel to the Sanhedrin is applicable. All the sects ensconced in today’s debates that are based on passing human fancies will fade away over time. Whatever is of divine origin will manifest itself in whatever orthodoxy emerges out of the chaos.”

Noting that the 16th century reform movement, begun by Martin Luther, had five principles, Guyton proposes ten principles on this 500th anniversary.




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