AC legislation due February 15

There are new rules on how to submit resolutions to Annual Conference. Here are the details.

At the 2017 Annual Conference new Rules of Order were voted on and affirmed. Rule 5.1.2 refers to submitting resolutions to the annual conference and can be found on page 653 of the 2017 Detroit Conference Journal and page 356 of the 2017 West Michigan Conference Journal.

Highlights follow:

  • Resolutions will be accepted from any Michigan Conference clergy member, professing member of a local church within the annual conference, a specific person on behalf of an agency or other subdivision of the annual conference or specific person on behalf of a local church or ministry setting of the annual conference or a committee thereof.
  • Resolutions submitted by individuals (clergy or lay persons) shall state the local church or agency of which each signer is a member.
  • When several members of a church or agency sign a resolution, only the name of the church or agency, along with the number of persons signing the petition will be printed.

Resolutions must be submitted by email to the Legislative Coordinator, Diane Brown, Contact@Michigan, no later than February 15.

If a resolution requests funding of more than $1,000 by the Annual Conference, it must be sent to the Council on Finance and Administration, along with a five-year cost projection, no later than February 1. CFA shall make its recommendation regarding the resolution when it is considered at the Annual Conference session. 4. All resolutions and other items that must be voted or acted upon by the annual conference shall be posted to the conference website no later than April 15.

Click here for further details on writing a resolution.



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