Ask and get more

A deeper look into fundraising psychology and tips to help you move people to give generously.
United Methodist Communications

Money is needed if churches are going to carry out their ministries, but continually asking for money and encouraging reluctant donors to give can become tiresome.

Why do some people give willingly while others don’t? Why does a person give one day and not another?

If you want to help move people to give, check out these tips based on fundraising psychology:

Don’t mention money up front.

Focus on individuals, not the group.

Personally connect to your cause.

Plan giving campaigns that put a little skin in the game.

Understanding the psychology of giving isn’t about manipulating your congregation; it is about helping present the needs of your ministry in the most effective manner. Keep these suggestions in mind and perhaps it will increase the chances that today will be the day givers say “yes.”  

Click here for much more about each point and some practical take-aways.



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