Dignity Kits for Annual Conference

In 2017 volunteers at Midwest Mission Distribution Center packed 36,456 Dignity Kits along with thousands of others that were sent across the U.S. and around the world. ~Facebook/MMDC

Plan now to help fill the Midwest Mission Distribution Center trailer at Annual Conference.

Midwest Mission Distribution Center is trucking to Michigan May 31-June 3, 2018. A 26-foot trailer will be parked at the site of the 2018 Annual Conference in Acme, Michigan.

Conference members are asked to focus primarily on Personal Dignity Kits. Click here for instructions on what the kits contain and how to pack them.

The following items may also be brought in bulk to be loaded on the trailer: glue sticks, dry erase markers and erasers; blue or black pens; 1-subject spiral notebooks.

In addition, churches may send along any other kits or donations they have for delivery to MMDC.

Further instructions are forthcoming. Start now with collection of goods.



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