National MFSA to locate in Detroit

Detroit Central United Methodist Church, founded in 1810, is believed to be the oldest Protestant Church in the state of Michigan. The congregation and its leaders are known for decades of prophetic ministry. ~mic photo/Mark Doyal

Methodist Federation for Social Action follows its values to a new location in Michigan.

January 29, 2018 —  Darlene DiDomineck, Interim Executive Director for the Methodist Federation for Social Action, announced today that MFSA will move its national office from Washington DC to Detroit during the summer of 2018. Central United Methodist Church will be the new home base of operations for the progressive advocacy network.

The change comes out of an 18-month strategic planning process that framed key questions for the future: How do we dismantle white supremacy in our organization, the church, and our communities? and How can our white dominant organization become antiracist in a holistic way, with our leadership, our finances, our partners, our administrative structure, and our organizing model?

“We felt a strong call to model—with our national Office and staffing—the values that are emerging from these questions,” DiDomineck said. “Those values include a recommitment to local church and community-led grassroots organizing. Like the kind of creative and collaborative organizing that is being done in Detroit and at Central UMC.”

Other factors cited for the relocation were Central UMC’s connections with various justice-seeking communities and its location in an area of great diversity. “This move decentralizes MFSA’s advocacy efforts out of DC and models the importance of grassroots activism at the local, state and national level,” DiDomineck added.



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