Searching for hope

Maria Santos Baquaix, a homemaker in Guatemala, demonstrates how easy it is for her to turn on the newly installed water spigot. ~ umcor/courtesy of ABPD

The president of Food for the Hungry invites everyone to look for signs of peace during 2018.

Red Letter Christians

Have you watched the news recently? Things look dour, don’t they? But, I have good news that I hope will encourage you.

Rather than feeling anxious about what media companies either do or don’t tell you, let’s have eyes to see and ears to hear what really matters in 2018. Little things often provide testimony that, no matter what the news anchors are saying, Christ brings peace and hope to individuals. To those people who feel that peace and hope, the evidence isn’t so little.

I challenge you to join me this year in looking for proof of God’s zeal to deliver on His promise that Jesus breaks through even the toughest circumstances with a reign of peace. Below are a couple of examples to get us started in our quest for evidence.




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