Snapshots of Vitality

These descendants of John Wesley celebrate unity and diversity in the city of Muskegon. The pastors and their congregations regularly worship together. L-r: Rev. Orea Peterson, Jr. (John Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Zion); Rev. Anita McCants (Phillip Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church); Rev. Jennifer Wheeler (Crestwood United Methodist Church; Rev. Jeff Bowman (Temple United Methodist Church); at piano Rev. Jeremy Williams (Community United Methodist Church in North Muskegon. ~Facebook photo

See Christ in the faces of Michigan United Methodists who share their faith on the pages of Facebook.

Facebook’s evolution since 2004 has grown to encompass millions of users worldwide,” says Tricia Brown. She continues, “There is no reason not to maximize its popularity for your church. But to keep Facebook fun and effective, it takes consistency and effort. Devote a little time to giving your Facebook page a facelift on a regular basis.” Click here for her Facebook Facelift suggestions reported by United Methodist Communications.

Congregations around Michigan are reaching out and telling their stories on the pages of Facebook. It’s not just about “Likes.” It’s about shining Christ’s Light and sharing God’s love. Do you have a Snapshot of Vitality that shows your church making disciples and transforming the world? Send it, along with a brief description, to Editor Kay DeMoss.

CROSSROADS DISTRICT … Faith @ The Movies continues at Flint: Court Street UMC. A trip to the theater mid-week and then themed worship on Sunday. Pastor Jeremy Peters preaches January 14th as “The Greatest Showman.” “Trailer” for Sunday announced: “We live in a time when people think of churches as museums filled with stuffy people and old furniture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people came to think of churches as God’s circus? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people saw a steeple and said, ‘I know what that is! That’s the place where you get to be part of a family, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from!’?” See more at Court Street UMC.

DETROIT RENAISSANCE DISTRICT … “May the Force be with you!” “And also with you!” Royal Oak First is the “Star Wars Church.” Much more, including Pastor Jeff (Obi Wan) Nelson’s sermon can be found at Royal Oak FUMC.

GRAND RAPIDS DISTRICT … Grand Rapids First hosts “Christmas Eve Breakfast” again in 2017, an annual brunch for all their neighbors. Warm Christmas gifts in addition to the good food. See much more at First United Methodist Church.

CROSSROADS DISTRICT … Youth of Fenton UMC are living out John Wesley’s, “Do all the good you can,” in front of the local Walmart. ~see more at Fenton UMC.

DETROIT RENAISSANCE DISTRICT … Happy Noon Year from Berkley UMC. Families made the countdown to 2018 with hats, noisemakers, games and snacks from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on Sunday, December 31. See more at Berkley First.

GRAND RAPIDS DISTRICT … Disability Awareness Night at the Community Ministries Program. “Tonight we explored what challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis and how they adapt and overcome them.” See more at Trinity Community Ministries.

YOUTH MINISTRIES NETWORK … Youth Worker Network is underway for 2018! Fourteen people from 10 churches gathered at DeWitt: Redeemer UMC on January 9. New participants are still welcome at the next meeting February 13 in Lansing, 10 am to 2 pm. Click to register.

JEREMIE PROJECT … How do you celebrate New Year’s Day in Haiti? You go to the beach and build a Sand Man! Jeremie Project members just returned from 11 days on the island. Read and see much more about their awesome trip here.

ANN ARBOR DISTRICT … Dexter UMC’s 20Something Men welcome the New Year. Says Pastor Matt Hook, “Lovin’ Sunday nights and What God reaches me through this 20something Men’s Group. Celebrating a whole year of meeting together, starting off great into 2018.”

DETROIT RENAISSANCE DISTRICT … US-2 Grace Okerson serves at the NOAH Project. She is excited about the coffee urn recently donated to the ministry. NOAH has a Wish List on Amazon, that makes it easy for supporters to make contributions of much-needed items of all kinds. See more at NOAH Project.



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