Let’s have sane talk about insane violence

The Bath School disaster took place on May 18, 1927. The explosives detonated by Andrew Kehoe at the school killed 38 children and six adults, injuring and additional 58 people. ~Wikimedia Commons photo

Pictures of the Bath School tragedy were part of his growing up. Now Mark Conrad seeks solutions.
“I grew up looking at the pictures of the children and adults who died the day that the school blew up,” says Rev. Mark Conrad.  He continues, “The pictures and the story were in a little brown book in one of the upstairs bedrooms at my Grandparent’s house. Sometimes I would look at the pictures with my sister, other times by myself. I don’t remember ever talking about this book with any other members of my family. For sure the adults never mentioned the book, and maybe they forgot that it was even there. I never knew why my Grandparents had the book.”

Now the Superintendent of the South District of the Desert Southwest Conference, Conrad did learn more about the book at the part his family had in the tragedy in that mid-Michigan town.

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