New owner for UMCH

United Methodist Community House, known locally as "The Methodist," has been at its current location at 904 Sheldon Avenue SE for over sixty years. Construction was completed in December 1956. A threefold program was developed, including a day care center, group work and a counseling program. ~UMCH photo

United Methodist Women transfer ownership of “The Methodist” in Grand Rapids.

President United Methodist Women, WMC

Ownership of the United Methodist Community House, in Grand Rapids has changed hands. As of February 9, 2018, United Methodist Women of West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church no longer owns the property at 904 Sheldon SE (and the surrounding lots and properties accumulated in recent years.) The ownership has been transferred to the Board of Directors of United Methodist Community House. It was time.

It was highly recommend by the National Office of United Methodist Women Inc., to that take this action. Ownership of United Methodist Community House has been a financial burden to the West Michigan Conference over the years and it was becoming even more so. After much discussion at the November 2017 Conference Mission team meeting, hearing the pros and cons, the group voted to take care of the details to pursue this transfer of ownership.

The proposal to “purchase” the properties was made to the Board of Directors of United Methodist Community House at their January 2018 meeting. The vote to accept the United Methodist Women’s proposal was unanimous. The members of the board were very pleased. Their main concern was how this would affect the relationship of United Methodist Women with UMCH. Assurance was given that United Methodist Women across the two Michigan Conferences were committed to continue their support, not only with money, but also with involvement and prayer.

We are no longer the “landladies.” We no longer have to worry about constantly raising money to take care of the building and property. NOW, we can raise our money to support the wonderful programs offered, and support the babies, children, youth and seniors who receive the benefits of those programs at this United Methodist Women National Mission Institution.



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