In the mouth of the wolf

Central Familiar Cristiano UMC in Detroit is, "more than just a congregation,” says JFON SEMI site attorney Melanie Goldberg. (Pictured left, with Rev. Gandarilla and JFON SEMI Site Director, Victoria Booker.) “The pastor has built a community and a warm home for her flock.” ~Facebook photo/Central Familiar Cristiano UMC

National Justice For Our Neighbors shares a story of Salvadorans living in southeastern Michigan.

Since 2001, after two consecutive earthquakes devastated their native country, nearly 200,000 Salvadoran immigrants have legally worked and lived in the United States under a humanitarian program known as Temporary Protected Status. 

Last month, the Trump administration announced its intention to end TPS for El Salvador. Current Salvadoran TPS recipients have until September 9, 2019 to either leave the country or risk detention and deportation.

“There is panic in the neighborhood,” says Rev. Patricia Gandarilla of Centro Familiar Cristiano UMC in Southeast Detroit.


(Please note: In 2018 JFON West Michigan and JFON Southeastern Michigan came together as JFON-Michigan under leadership of new director, Jonquil Bertschi. Interview coming soon in MIConnect.)



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