‘We are still here’

The Rev. Roy Hilburn, from the Waccamaw Siouan tribe, has been the minister of Coharie United Methodist Church in Clinton, North Carolina, for eight years.

Native American Ministries Sunday celebrates the gifts and contributions made by Native Americans. 

The Rev. Roy Hilburn (Waccamaw Siouan tribe) is especially grateful for Native American Ministries Sunday, April 15. A Native American seminary scholarship made his education possible. Today, he is in his 10th year of ministry at a North Carolina church where membership has multiplied more than five-fold.

Rev. Hilburn invites United Methodists to “Continue this ministry because it gives Native Americans exposure to keep people sensitive to the fact that we’re still here.”

On April 15th United Methodists celebrate the gifts and contributions made by Native Americans in the church and communities like the one in Clinton, North Carolina.

The special offering received during the April 15 celebration supports Native American outreach ministries and provides scholarships for United Methodist Native American seminarians.

When churches support Native American Ministries Sunday, Native American congregations are empowered to minister to their communities with the love of Jesus Christ.

To help your leadership team promote this Special Sunday, download the Native American Ministries Sunday Pastor and Leader’s Kit.

With resources including social media images, videos, an e-book and other tools, you’ll have everything you need to excite your congregation about this special celebration.

Support the gifts and contributions of our Native American brothers and sisters with.

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