Creating a cleaner world

From the city of Flint, Michigan to this refugee camp in Northern Iraq, UMCOR is working with partners to protect and deliver clean water. ~ache Nova photo

April 22, 2018 marks the 48th celebration of Earth Day. United Methodists are earth keepers.

Climate change has repercussions for many of the issues we face today, from the well being of our children, to global poverty, to economic growth. Caring for God’s creation is one of the greatest humanitarian and moral challenges of our time, and too often we have interpreted God’s invitation to subdue and take charge of creation (Genesis 1:28) as license to abuse it.

In this 3.5 minute video, Archbishop Desmond Tutu discusses climate change and asserts, “time is running out.” He also advocates for a number of practical solutions based on the principle of “Ubuntu” … “I am, because you are” … that moves from shared problems to shared success.

As United Methodists, we are called to seek a new lifestyle rooted in justice and peace wherein all God’s children share in creation’s abundance.

Check out the resources below and start now. Our future depends on it.

Will you join the movement to strive for a global sense of community to help achieve social, economic, and ecological justice for all of creation?



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