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Online registration for the Michigan Annual Conference closes on May 7.

Annual Conference Registrar

We are in the midst of Annual Conference registration. With 1,300 registrations already in, it has been a busy six weeks. With an estimated 700 or more registrations to go, we haven’t crossed the registration finish line.

Here are a few registration updates: 

Online registration will be open until May 7th. After May 7th members and guests will only be able to register onsite and must pay a $50 late fee. There is NO prize for being the last person to register, so get your registration in today! 

There is NO more room at the inn! The Grand Traverse Resort has more than 500 rooms and condos for conference participants, but those are now all occupied. One reason the Annual Conference Committee chose Traverse City as the conference location was due to the number of hotels with a range of prices and amenities available. The Michigan Conference has room blocks reserved at 12 offsite locations, but those are filling up, too. Please call to book your room as soon as possible to secure the rates listed here.  Please note, we do not provide transportation between offsite hotels and conference but you are likely to be at a hotel with many other United Methodists going to the same place. Ride sharing is possible.

The good news? Get your registration and payment in and your nametag and meal tickets will be waiting for you at check in. Click the link in your registration confirmation email to confirm the total due. Mailing in a check before conference means you can avoid the lines. 

Pastors, please make sure your lay members get registered and offer them assistance if they need it. Remember, (nearly all of) you have attended conference before, so you have experience and the answers they might need! 

Church secretaries, please make sure pastors get registered! Over Lent and the Easter season, registration tends to drop to the bottom of the to-do list. Give a nudge and offer some assistance. Please also reach out to retired pastors in your congregation who may need some help with navigating the online registration. 

Have questions? Please check the Annual Conference website first or refer to the Annual Conference Information Pages <link>. If you still have questions or need to amend your completed registration, please don’t hesitate to email Jen Peters at   





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