District naming done

Central Bay was the name chosen by those who gathered in Midland on April 21 for the organizational meeting of District 3. ~Facebook/Saginaw Bay District

It’s no longer “by the number” for the nine districts of the new Michigan Conference that launch July 1, 2018.

May 12, 2018 | LANSING, Michigan — For many months the nine new districts of The Michigan Conference have been known by numeric designations. These districts will be fully functioning by July 1, 2018.

In the meantime, organizational meetings have happened around the state to vision, elect officers, set budgets, and affirm names.

Superintendent Anita Hahn shares Communion with those gathered in Gaylord on April 22 for naming and organizing District 2, the new Northern Waters District. ~Facebook/Anita Hahn

Click the new District name for a map and a list of the churches.

District 1 — Northern Skies District — Superintendent Scott Harmon

District 2 — Northern Waters District — Superintendent Anita Hahn

District 3 — Central Bay District — Superintendent David Kim

District 4 — Midwest District — Superintendent Margie Crawford

District 5 — Mid-Michigan District — Superintendent Jerome DeVine

District 6 — East Winds District — Superintendent John Hice

District 7 — Greater Southwest District — Superintendent Dwayne Bagley

District 8 — Heritage District– Superintendent Elizabeth Hill

District 9 — Greater Detroit District — Superintendent Charles Boayue




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