MI Magazine to print and share

MIconnect Magazine gathers the top news of the month into a printable edition. Here’s the Annual Conference in review

Click here for the Annual Conference edition. 

Some like their news on paper instead of on screen. Monthly MIConnect Magazine is for them. Download it. Share it on your Facebook page. Post it on your bulletin board. Place a few copies in your church library.

Readers ask Michigan Communications how they can make the stories in the Weekly MIConnect email available to more people in their congregations. Three simple ways.

  1. When MIConnect arrives on Wednesday afternoon, forward it to leaders and members who would enjoy some good stories of faith in action.
  2. When people wonder about how The UM Connection works to make disciples and transform the world, encourage them to subscribe to this weekly email that’s focused on working together to make a difference for Jesus.
  3. When the Monthly Magazine arrives, forward it for those who like email and print it for those who like their news on paper.

Unlike the weekly MIConnect that “lives” mostly on the Area website, the monthly MIConnect is formatted for printing. There are 16 pages of blogs and features that represent that “top news” of the month just past.

Find previous editions here:

January 2017 … February 2017 … March 2017 …  April 2017 … May 2017Annual Conference  20-page June edition  … August editionDisaster Relief CoverageOctober editionYear-end 2017January 2018 … March 2018 …  April 2018 .



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