EngageMI debuts

"Take this globe and lead us into mission in the world." Those were the Conference Lay Leaders' words to the nine new Superintendents. They will have a new tool Engage MI to help them with that task. ~mic photo/Hannah Hazen

EngageMI will stir passion to change the world with our resources, our time, and our hands-on presence.

On Saturday evening of The Michigan Annual Conference the Rev. Paul Perez, Associate Director for Ministry and Mission, the Rev. Don Gotham, outgoing Chair of Global Ministries for the Detroit Conference and Brenda DuPree, incoming Chair of the Michigan Conference Board of Global Ministries stepped on stage. They described the new model for mission engagement that will not only continue the generous legacy of Spotlight Church and Six Lanes of The Advance but “take it to the next level.”

EngageMI officially begins January 1, 2019. Guidebooks were distributed to all members and a copy will be mailed to each church in the conference this summer. In addition to the printed guide there will be a website for EngageMI with up to date project lists and an online giving option. Perez introduced 50 Engage MI ambassadors who have been trained to interpret and assist local churches in bold involvement with EngageMI.

DuPree noted, “We wish to challenge congregations to move from transactional ministry to, which views people as objects of charity or problems to be fixed, into transformative ministry with, which mutually engages each person involved as a child of God and an integral, mutual participant in ministry.”

Similar to the traditional Spotlight and Six Lanes models, EngageMI curates a number of Advance Projects from the General Board of Global Ministries which include national and international projects and missionaries. It also includes Connectional (Conference-wide) Projects. This fall, each new District will have its own list of District Projects, chosen from applications to District Superintendents this summer.

Learn. Give. Act. That’s the basic concept of EngageMI.

  1. LEARN about the issues and the people whom we serve: host a missionary or mission speaker; attend Mission u or Keep Making Peace; participate in a book study.
  2.  GIVE by first fulfilling 100% of Ministry Shares or Apportionments. Then contribute to extra-mile projects of the Advance which includes Michigan, National, and International Projects, along with Mission Personnel support and UMCOR.
  3. ACT by sending out a short-term mission team; build a relationship with a District Mission Project; find a need to fulfill in a nearby school; work at a shelter; organize a church-wide day of clean-up.

Gotham said, “We have no worries of having the traditions of the past set aside, for we both (Detroit and West Michigan boards) hold dear the mission of the church.” Dupree added, “It is vital that we honor those whom we serve and those with whom we work … EngageMI is all built on a foundation of relationship-building with those involved in the giving and receiving.”



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