The year-end giving playbook

It’s July and time to give serious thought to an awesome end-of-year financial campaign.

The Rev. Phyllis Bowers, executive director of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation, has a blueprint to help churches enter the crowded “marketplace” and communicate to their members in a way that is encouraging, exciting and a life-changing, life-giving experience for all involved.

Her plan begins in mid-autumn and goes into high-gear Thanksgiving through Advent. Bower says, “The end of the year is a crowded space. It can be easy for your church’s giving opportunities to get lost in the year-end chaos, and it may be tempting not to address giving opportunities at all, waiting until a time of year when you do not have as much commotion in the same space. [But] The way to life change is through generosity, and much of our natural generosity happens at the end of the year.”

CLICK HERE to download the 14-page e-booklet.




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